wow…i want one just like her…

She’s so hot when she gets off





Putting together what may be my Anime Vampire Costume.
The last time I was a Vampire, I was 10 yrs old.
Ppl always tell me I look like an Anime character so…
I have 2 outfits in plan but this one I liked the most.
Let’s see…

ur boobs are very big……it makes the out fit look weird I’m telling u this because u might think it is attractive but I would never wear something so raveling because I like to leaves everything to the imagination…..sorry if this seems mean I’m no trying to be nice about it….

Thank you for your opinion. It would’ve been a nicer gesture to just write to me instead of reblogging & putting this out there but again this is your opinion. Anything I wear this happens especially if I’m wearing a corset in which I am under the clothes. I am very small in height & my breasts are the largest thing on my body. This was a costume idea for Halloween. It’s a problem I’ve had for awhile & honestly I’m thinking you don’t so you don’t understand. Anyone w/ large breasts can a test that it’s a huge problem wearing certain things cause they’re so big. Again this is your opinion.

If that dress was red you could play an awesome Mrs.rogger rabbit


This is the hottest car sex I’ve ever seen. I applaud those 2.